Compare Tokens in a collection

Ever wondered how to compare two NFTs against each other? Wonder no more!

In this blog post, we'll show you how to do just that with our new token compare feature. is a great tool for assessing the differences between two tokens and determining which one is "better".
Let's get started!

Why should I compare NFTs?

When you buy NFTs from one specific collection, you want to get the rarest one for the cheapest price. But to do that, you first have to find the rarest NFT for your budget. That's why you need to compare the different tokens against each other.

Can I compare NFTs on OpenSea or LooksRare?

Sadly, OpenSea and LooksRare are no help here. They're both great tools when it comes to buying NFTs. But for our purposes we need

How to compare two NFTs from one collection?

You first select the collection you're interested in. Lets just say you want to buy a non-fungible-token from the Dippies collection and we're interested in token #7090 (which is the 3rd rarest token in the entire collection).

Compare NFTs - Step 1 -

We just click on the token and we see it's different traits and their rarity. You see a lot more on the Token Detail Page, but right now we just want to focus on the compare token feature.

Next, you click "Compare Token" and just enter the token with the id you want to compare it against. We choose token #1337. Now just hit enter or click the blue button.

Compare NFTs - Step 2 - Compare NFTs - Step 3 -

Boom. Just like that we see both tokens next to each other. At first glance, we see that token No. 7090 is the third rarest token in the entire Dippies collection. Dippies No. 1337 is the 6668. rarest token in a collection with 8888 tokens in total.

Compare NFTs - Step 4 -

And we see that token No. 1337 hast some pretty rare traits, too. So it might be a good idea to take a closer look at this token and maybe compare it against an other token that better fits our budget.

Further compare

Since the 3rd rarest token in the Dippies NFT collection is a little out of our price range we want to find an other token that is more affordable. We can now simple replace the 7090 in the token id field with 1500 and hit enter or click the button.

As you can see, we are now comparing token #1500 against token #1337. This way you can quickly compare a whole bunch of tokens in one collection.

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