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Gotterhavn - Circle of Aristocrats

Gotterhavn - Circle of Aristocrats

is a NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain.

A barrier from the Grand Chasm has been breached with the arrival of Zilgen in Gotterhavn. Rot and decay has begun to spread in the realm of the immortals. Tension is in the air. In order to arm their people, the gods and goddesses ordained that some relics be given to the faithful families who have and will serve them as tokens of their loyalty and powerful weapons. The Aristocrat Rings are some of them.

Owning the Aristocrat Ring grants you the rank of Aristocrats in the Gotterhavn community. The amount of rings you have will determine the amount of free NFT you can mint from our main collection and the amount of share you will get from the 40% dividend of main collection's monthly volume trade!

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Owners 1928
Items 3000
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