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Okay Bears AI

Okay Bears AI

is a NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain.

There is a myth… 200 million years ago!
The air doesn't touch the soil, the rain doesn't feed the earth and the fire is everywhere, burning the last piece of life.

People are dying…. Moms are giving the last piece of bread to their kids, while they pass away slowly.
Elders' hopes lay in rags!

there is no hope! and the only ones who caused this are the leaders of all the tribes in the world. they made it… for power and wealth.

Until one day, when a clan of Bear Spirits, once unjustly imprisoned in the depths of the earth, broke the walls under which they were kept and decided to take the fight with the world leaders!

They merged their spirits with all the elements of the planet, air, fire, earth and water!
They embarked on a journey of revenge!!

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