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The CryptoDads

The CryptoDads

is a NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain.

CryptoDads is an OG collection of 10k randomly generated and highly relatable dads that hangout on the Ethereum Blockchain. CryptoDads holders get access to our Play & Earn NFT World (Currently in Beta for Holders), exclusive merch, IRL CryptoDads events, our Launchpad, a thriving community, IP rights to their owned CryptoDads & access to all future developments.

We are a doxxed team. See you around!🍻

CryptoDads Official Website

Play & Earn NFT World

Discord AKA: The Cave

CryptoDads Brand IP is owned by CryptoDads LLC

Owners have commercial rights to their owned CryptoDads

The CryptoDads Contract Address


OpenSea Stats

Owners 6870
Items 10000
Floor Price
Ø Price

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