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The Yakuza Cats Society

The Yakuza Cats Society

is a NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Yakuza Cats Society is a unique collection of 8,930 yakuza cats with over 300 traits.

The 1st Oyabun of the Yakuza Cats Society had grown old and passed away at the age of 17.
Later, the right and the left hand, leading a cat-and-dog life, went their separate ways.
They have their respective organizations based in different regions: one in Tokyo and the other in Osaka, and have been in a fierce fight ever since, aiming to rule all of Japan.
Join the syndicate you want by staking yakuza cats, expand your syndicate in the region, and become Yakuza Oyabun that rules all of Japan!

Meet the 2nd generation, Killer Cats

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Owners 2736
Items 8929
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