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Here are some facts about Cavar.io Premium Pass

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Free Features

We're releasing new features pretty much every day.
That's what we have so far.

NFT Collection Statistics

Filter NFT collections by statistics like volume, token holders, average price, market cap and floor price.

“The NFT statistics help me to identify collections worth further exploring.”

Statistics Testimonial
Samantha, BAYC Holder
Ranked NFT collections

Compare Tokens

No more switching between tabs to compare two tokens. Just select the tokens you want to compare and see what tokens is better than the other.

“I love the compare feature. I hate switching between OpenSea tabs when I'm comparing tokens.”

Statistics Testimonial
Jacob, Cool Cats OG
Compare NFTs in a collection

Search everywhere

Use our collection and token search everywhere on the page.
Just hit CTRL + K to search.

Try it now! or use the Search below.

“The search is awesome. I can search for NFT projects and specific tokens at the same time! This is magic ✨”

Statistics Testimonial
Magic Mike (nope, not that one), Real-Life Wizard
Search everywhere - Cavar.io

Premium Features

While we do offer a lot of functionality for free, we're currently working on a lot of new premium features.

Cavar.io Premium PassPremium Pass
holders can access these features.

Token Sniper

Wanna snipe Tokens right when they're listed on OpenSea? Just fire up our Cavar.io Token Sniper and watch the magic happen!

Work in progress

“I can't wait for the sniper feature. I already signed up for the waitinglist so that I don't miss it.”

Cavar.io Sniper Testimonial
Steve, NFT Hunter
Cavar.io Premium Feature: Token Sniper

Cavar.io AURUM

Cavar.io AURUM is an AI powered tool to find you rising NFT collections before everybody else knows about them. You get in at the beginning and sell for a nice profit.

Work in progress

“This is gonna be lit🔥. Can't wait for a machine that does my manual work!”

Cavar.io Premium Feature: AURUM
HAL 9000, most famous for: 2001: A Space Odyssey
Cavar.io Premium Feature: AURUM

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Cavar.io Premium PassPremium Pass

What is the Cavar.io Premium Pass and how can you get one?

What is the Cavar.io Premium Pass?

The Cavar.io Premium Pass is your access key to our premium features. Once minted, you can log into our premium area and use our premium features listed above.

Is there a mint date yet for the Cavar.io Premium Pass?

We have not set a mint date yet. Follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates on the mint date.

Can I resell the Cavar.io Premium Pass?

Sure you can. The Cavar.io Premium Pass is NFT and can be sold on any marketplace (e.g. OpenSea, LooksRare etc).

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